Adult Erotic Romance Author
Tonya Kinzer

Adult Erotic Romance

     There are many sites out there to choose, so thank you for finding my Erotic Romance Author Tonya Kinzer site. Please make yourself at home; feel free to roam the pages. I promise not to make it too hot in here for you, but I can't promise the same thing for the pages of my paperback and e-books!

     I write adult erotic romance, western romance, lesbian fetish erotica and kinky erotic romance stories that include fetish BDSM erotica and the Dom/sub lifestyle, so I'm going to assume you know what that is and not get into a bunch of warnings other than to say you must be 18 years old to be here.

If you're NOT over 18,

please leave this site NOW.

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Don't Steal From Me, Please!

Authors work hard to write books for their readers. We write not only because we love what we do, but also to help pay our household expenses, just like you work for your paycheck. When e-books are stolen and uploaded to those pirate sites for members to download for  FREE (and countless copies of my e-books have been stolen), none of those sites pay the author a dime because those books were stolen and put up for FREE downloads. I hope my loyal readers are not members of those pirate sites and will continue to support me and other authors and pay for a legitimate copy of our work. We appreciate it and thank you!